About Us

Ethyx Solutions is one of India’s leading manufacturer and B2B packaging solutions provider. We work with brand leaders across industries such as E-commerce, Logistics, Telecom, Home Furniture, Movers & Packers, Electronic, Apparels and other white good industries.
Ethyx Solutions is committed to providing the highest levels of quality, service, innovation and support to its customers.


“ETHYX SOLUTIONS is more than just a packaging solution provider. With our unique and effective range of products, and integrated supply processes, we have helped our customers save time and money while increasing profit. With our experience with leading industries and clients, ETHYX SOLUTIONS has the knowledge and resources you need to stay ahead of competition.”


Our technologies are intricate. But our approach to serving you is simple. We are obsessed with your success. That obsession is built around timeless principles like talking straight, getting stuff done and hiring the best people. Then we back them up with carefully monitored processes and technologies that encourage innovation, speed-to-market and supply chain satisfaction. That’s how we are becoming the leading global source for innovative and sustainable plastic packaging solutions.

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